The Modern Hair Dryer

"Storing my hair dryer is always such a hassle when dealing with the cable." 

"Often my hand starts to hurt when I have to hold it up for so long while drying my hair."

"I can never find the space to store my hair dryer!"

The SwivL hair dryer was designed with these ladies in mind, in hopes of solving the problems they face daily.

How might we

Make the hair dryer easier to use at home? 

Issues with Current Hairdryers

Impractical Shape

Its inconvenient shape makes it a difficult object to store at home.

Wrist Strain

The handle forces user's wrist into awkward positions which cause discomfort and pain.

Clumsy Cable Storage

A permanently attached cable forces the user to have to messily wrap it round the hair dryer's body.



Space Efficient

The bottom vent can be turned to toggle the power

Twist to Turn On

The detachable cable can be stored using the pull-out rubber strap

Cable Storage

Free standing means no more cluttered countertop

The head piece can be swivelled to find the most comfortable angle

Adjustable Head Piece

Physical Model


Turn the bottom vent to switch SwivL on.


Use SwivL in its 'i' position to reach the back.


Use SwivL in its 'L' position to    dry the front.


The cable can be detached and stored using the pull-out rubber strap.


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